Monday, June 18, 2007

slowly slowly does it

I am trying not to panic - I do have branches and 6 flowers all made for my garland and a back and one quarter of a front of a bolero knitted (skirt still to consider then create). I decided to simply stay in bed for half an hour extra this morning for no particular reason so I got up at 6.30am. I am pacing myself this week to see it I get to Friday in a sane manner.

I wasn't actually going to post today and was about to turn the computer off but Maggie Grey has just emailed me to say her blog is up and running which is excellent.
Maggie's Blog
Do go and visit her.

I am off to bed to read my new piece of mail - thr3fld - the journal from Laura, Linda and Catherine. It was expensive.


Sarah said...

I'm sure you'll love the magazine. I attended the launch - they were such a nice friendly and generous group of artists.

Shirley Goodwin said...

...but was it good? and worth it?

neki desu said...

hi dale

i'm curious about the thr3fld mag. where can i get the details?

neki desu


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