Thursday, June 21, 2007

the proof will be in the pudding

thanks for all the many emails of support for the workload I have managed to dump on myself this week. You know it is all my own fault but when you are busy with one thing or another then everything else is busy too. Business-wise we have been very busy - it's called Murphy's Law. Tomorrow all will be revealed - the garland is nearly finished and is to be picked up by the UPS (Useless Parcel Service) man at 3pm - the bolero is finished and on the dummy and the skirt is underway. Apart from packing suitcases and still plenty of packaging I could do, I only also have to write/rearrange/find in the depths of my head an article for a zine. Getting there for sure. Off for a nice cup of camomile and lime tea (organic of course) before a good night's sleep (I hope. All these things to do usually keeps me awake with a busy brain)

Pics tomorrow. And just think - I am 3 TASTs behind.


Sandy said...

I knew you could do it. Sandy

Debbi Baker said...

All I can say is - You are incredible - Wonder Woman was nothing compared to you!! Re your comment on my rusted fabric - yes the red dirt up here really is just about as good as rust!! Doesn't even wash out so maybe I should go off and try and collect some pigments like the painters do. You've got me thinking...All the best for Sydney too Debbi B


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