Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Card Holders

These two little card holders arrived home today - they were for Quilting Arts a while back but didn't get there in time. You pull the cord and your card pops up. The top one is La Scala yarn stitched onto felt (this was made in the days before I got carried away with my embellisher.) The bottom one is copper tissue punched with a daisy punch and stitched onto tissutex.
Penny - I use topstitch needles size 100 and never have any problems. Run your machine fast. All part of the ongoing flower series. It's always nice when things come back as you forget you have made them. Like cleaning up and finding treasures or garbage.
You can see that I am still practising at scanning. Practice should make perfect until I get bored.


Penny said...

Dale do you use a very fine needle when stitching your metal onto fabric? i find that I tear holes abnd they fall off so i resort to hand sewing beads in the middle but not always what i want.

Digitalgran said...

These are lovely Dale. Did you wear your sripey socks to go to the concert?


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