Monday, June 04, 2007

Broome and stuff

I wanted to post a pic of my feet with the still remaining sandfly bites but bossy Ian wouldn't let me - whose blog is it I ask? I must make sure that I take some anti sandfly stuff next year as my feet still look dreadful - not to mention my legs, arms, back etc. So much damage for such tiny creatures!

We had a wonderful few days - just relaxing - only managed to read 2 books including Sebastian Faulkes new one - Enderby - which I really enjoyed. I have still got two to go though including Death in Brazil by Peter Robb which I started in Bintan - it is excellent too. Couldn't work on Generations as the battery on my 'puter was flat so should have left it at home.

On Saturday morning we got brave and went on a flight over the Buccaneer Archipeligo - on a 5 seater plane - smallest I have been on is a DC3. The scenery was magnificent - such ancient land formations. We flew over the Horizontal Waterfall and cruised over the 1000 islands - well some of them. Saw pearl luggers and got some history as well. Then we landed at Cape Leveque for an hour.

I can't seem to write in between the pics but the top one is the view from the restaurant and the bottom the beach where we didn't swim but dipped our feet in the water. Think we might go up there for a couple of days next year - it was wonderful. Then we flew back to Broome along the coast. In the afternoon we watched the ABs play France and the first half of the Wallabies against Wales - it got rather boring I must say and our red wine called to us so we wandered off to cook a bbq.

Back home we have been flat out getting the orders underway but tomorrow I am hoping to get back to the studio for part of the day and get to work. Lots of things to do - instead of finishing my bolero for my art to wear I unpicked it. Time to pick up the plot and get going.


Penny said...

Hi Dale, looks magnificent, I must ask my sister where she stays when she goes as she told me there were sandflies in one part and not where she stays. Nice if you can do it!
sand flies always get me in Queensland wherever i go so i have to remember to cover myself with awful repellent or I itch for a week.
By the way I am home.

sharonb said...

Boy I remeber sandfly bites in Broome! I found out I was allergic to them - boy what a trip that was - it was over 20 years ago but I started to itch just thinking about it! We were on tour as jerry was part of the Mucky Duck bush band then -we all toured in a bus (including Eve was 6 months old then)
apart from the sandflies it was just a great tour

Anonymous said...


What a delicous place to relax in, I'd happily trade sandfly bites for Tassie's cold winter.


Shirley Goodwin said...

Wonderful pics, Dale. My dad used to work in Broome before he moved to Tennant Creek where he died suddenly when I was 25.


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