Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday musings

The first of our native irises is out. This is on what we call the Barbara bush - Barbara (our cat) used to always sleep in it and sadly that is where she rested for her final sleep so it's a bit special. I am not sure if the flower appearing means it is spring or what - we haven't quite had winter yet.

I am pretty bogged down right now but it is all my own fault. I have this garland to make - I spent some of today (should have spent all of today but you know how it is when you keep putting something off) working on the bottom part which means at least that I know where I am going which does help. Of course the Husq thought it was too sophisticated for free machine zigzag and played up so I had to get out my trusty Bernina 1230, clean it and because I wasn't looking whilst it was bobbin winding, the thread got all jammed up down inside the machine. More wasted time. And the other thing is that I am not really sure what the garland would or should look like. It has to go on Friday so I am pleased that I have finally broken the back of it by making the branches so to speak. Flowers tomorrow and I am planning a plethora of different sorts.

The other thing which has to be finished by Saturday is my Art to Wear - the cami is made (it's in the book) and the bolero is half knitted but the skirt - well...... Once again it's all my own fault. It will be done.

I also have to write an article for a zine but Saturday as well. And package and pack some stuff yet for Sydney. At least we had a nice breakfast at the Merchant where we met Serena and Frank. And I got some lovely roses for the kitchen. Ian has been cleaning up the area outside teh studio. A little bit here and there and we will soon be ready to do the garden area. It will be lovely once it's all finished but that won't happen for a while. The front garden is the next big challenge once the fence has been plastered and stuff.

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