Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Take a Stitch Tuesday 23, 24, 25

My TAST offering - wheatear stitch, french knots and long and short stitch. See - I did do some stitching while I was away. I worked on a piece of black felt which had painted webbing (Lumiere Olive Green) and i used a lovely thick silk we have for the centre, one of the Valdani Pearl 8s for the side, some green silk for the knots and some standed cotton for the long and short. My scanning is only slightly better.
Tell you all the excitements of my week tomorrow - have unpacked all the cases but not put everything away and I have nearly done all the orders. Lots of stuff everywhere but that will be cleared up tomorrow for sure..... Wild wet and windy here - wonderful.


Barbara said...

It looks mystical! I hope the word "mystical "exists . I have my dictionary not near me ,Sorry!

Sarah said...

Your work looks great. Sorry to sound a bit dumb - but what is TAST? I keep seeing it and I've no idea what it means... Thanks

Doreen G said...

Great samples Dale How did I miss those threads.


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