Sunday, July 15, 2007

More inks and stuff

My Ink Book is filling up quite nicely - thanks Debbi for reminding about the fabulous Colorwashes. I sprayed this page with Butterscotch and Wild Plum (or Cranberry - I can't remember) and over the top Moonshadow Mists through a stencil and Moonshadow Inks with a stamp. You can see I am into fleur de lys this weekend - I was sorting product for Ian to load on the website. The Colorwashes seem to work very effectively on both fabric and paper so I find them most useful and there is something about a spray gun which isn't the shower cleaning container. They also contrast well with the mica of the Mists on top of them - dull vs shiny.

This bottom one has been sprayed with various Moonshadow Mists and over the top I have stencilled with Glitz Spritz - Peacock Fire - the Glitz' don't have walnut ink so they work better on darker surfaces or again as a super contrast on the mists. Peacock Fire has an almost patinating effect - it really is worthwhile making reference samples.
You can surely see that I like using these goodies. The most frustrating thing with my Ink book is waiting for each page to dry.
Beautiful day in Perth - the sun is shining and we are having a lovely fizzy to celebrate a decision or two which we made today - more later. We took Bruce and Kazuko out to Luigi and Martine's San Marco last night for our usual yummy Italian food. And yes Julia - we will try your son's restaurant very soon. Tonight we are having Oxtail which will be good when the sun goes down (soon)


Unknown said...

lovely work Dale, i haven't used Moonshadow mists, not seen them in the UK. Do you spray them onto wet or dry paper? Love your blog

Joanna said...

Dale, I am really interested in this new material evolon. I looked up their website but it is unclear how it looks. If you have a bunch, could you send me some?



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