Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Stuff

We have had quite a relaxed sort of weekend although quite busy. I am trying to get an amount of packaging of goodies done for the Craft Show here in Perth this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I think I am getting through my list. We have a big stand and will have most of our stock with us so if you are in Perth or going to be around this way, do come and see us. I should add that there is free parking at the Claremont showgrounds - a sort of amazing fact these days. Our special guest is Beryl Taylor and I am really looking forward to meeting her. She is giving talks at the show (as am I) and 4 day workshops afterwards. Beryl's book, Mixed Media Explorations, is one of our biggest sellers. Very inspiring book it is. I have also actually written a newsletter which should go out tomorrow to all of our customers who receive it - I hadn't realised just how tardy I had been on that score.

We have been having the most glorious rain off and on all weekend - we did manage to go for a walk yesterday but I have been working away on the next module of my Digitwise course and have finally worked out how to load my Victory threads into the Generations programme. Someone asked about the course - it is based on the Generations digitizing programme which I find suits me. I can get my head around it.

I have also been further working on my Ink book. This sample is Walnut ink - quite a strong mix and with water flicked onto the wet surface.

This sample has salt sprinkled onto the top section and on the bottom part I have stamped with Distress inks just before it dried so you get a slight smudging which I like. It looks better in the flesh.

The bottom sample has walnut crystals at the top and on the bottom I have sprinked brusho powders. They are so lush - I got carried away with the turquoise and dropped too much.

I have also made some paper casts with water soluble paper - painted walnut ink on after it dried and then sprayed with Moonshadow Mist - Misty Malachite - I am very pleased with this one but it's not dry enough yet - I will post it tomorrow.
I am hoping to have my ink book pretty full so I can show it at my talk along with my embellisher stuff. I haven't done much with my embellisher this week but I have been making a lot of notes of what I want to do next. My sample book is also progressing to completion.
Tomorrow I am off to collect goodies for Beryl's workshops. One thing I cannot find is wallpaper.


Doreen G said...

Love all the samples Dale your ink book will be great when you finish.

Sandy said...

Your ink book is so cool. Sandy

Shirley Goodwin said...

Raining here now too! Like the latest work, dale, and hope the craft fair goes well.

sharonb said...

I wanted to say your ink pages are look delicious and wish you well at the craft fair


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