Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Ink Play

We are having the most wonderful wet weather - I know this is not appealing to those poor folk in England but it is lovely here - just the right weather to work indoors, cuddle up in bed and sleep all night. Such bliss. And not standing outside at the rugby either!

I have been playing with distress inks and colourwash today. The above one is stamped with distress inks using the lava mini molding mat and then sprayed with butterscotch colourwash and the bottom one is stamped with several distress inks straight from the pads with a colourwash over the top and then more stamping - I am looking to see the different effects when the distress inks are still wet and when you stamp on wet colourwash. More playing tomorrow. Off to dinner with Serena and Frank.

1 comment:

Debbi Baker said...

They look great Dale - I think I need to buy the butterscotch one in a much bigger bottle - it is such a fabulous colour. I like the way you have used the Distress Inks with them, must try that. See you next weekend at the Craft Fair!


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