Thursday, July 12, 2007

Works of all sorts

For more than two years we have been waiting for a tradesman to come and work on our front fence. With all the work going on next door, we have joined in the fun and our wooden pailings are down and the brickwork has had two coats and one to go. The front garden is full of rotten pailings and I think we are going to have a new gate and railings. Then we can really get to work on the front garden so it will look rather snazzy. In fact there's lots of garden work coming up. As well as this, all the side fences are down (there is development next door) and we are having a new colourbond fence going up. So we have securely closed double gates at the back by the studio but open and exposed everything else.
In the midst of all this chaos (which includes the tradies loud radio on a station not of my choice), the palette came back from Sydney and I have been pottering away unpacking, putting things back into baskets, counting, reordering etc etc.
I have been to one Janome shop to give a demo/talk on the embellisher and another tomorrow. I can't say I have completed anything much creative but my little Ink book is starting to look like something - all my mist samples are in. If you are coming to the Perth Quilt and Craft show at Claremont I should have it in my talk (as a nice break from talking about the embellisher).
Last night we went to the ACO concert - fabulous as usual - the guest conductor was Patricia Kopatchinskaja and she was superb. It doesn't matter what they play, they are so world class.
Tonight we are off to a play. Culture week.
Perhaps my long list will go down tomorrow and I might have some work to pop up.

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