Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ink Book more

It's bit brighter than it actually is - this is what happens when I play with the gizmos on the scanner to try and show that I know something - but another page from my ink book. Background is tissutex coloured with colourwash and moonshadows and some paper casting with water soluble paper - sprayed with moonshadows while it was wet. I bought a pile of Indian blocks from a little shop the other day - I only went out to get the meat. They are great for paper casting. I thought I would try stitching with the Valdani cottons since we now have some an enormous stock so a new matt for me rather than shiny rayon. It's thicker too so it makes a good accent.

I am tidying up my studio because tomorrow I am running a workshop on the Embellisher for a few people. And then at 5pm we are off to catch the plane to Auckland. A few days sneaky break with an outing to see the ABs play the Wallabies for the last of the TriNations and the Bledislow Cup. It will be sure to be raining as we have not got under cover seats but who cares. We will have our umbrellas. If you are watching the game on the big screen look out for Ian with his All Black beanie....... We will be back on Monday night. Also catching up with friends and family.

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