Monday, July 30, 2007

More Ink Book Play

I run in and out in between jobs (still lots of packaging to go) to see how my next little experiment is working. This little one was the wonderful Brusho page - I painted acrylic wax over the top and lost a lot of colour but when I stamped with gold metallic paint, the colour came back in places and I rather like it now. This one I really love - I have painted with walnut ink and sprayed moonshadow mist - misty malachite -over the top and then crumpled glad wrap. The colour is more patinated in real life but I didn't seem to be able to change it on my scan (see my scanning is improving and I have been doing it all myself) On the left is a water soluble paper cast using one of the wooden blocks I picked up the other day. It was painted with walnut ink once it had dried and then when it dried again I sprayed some of the Mist over it in places.

This third one - I painted Walnut ink on, left it to dry and then sprayed with Mist -Volaceous Violet this time and then I printed with gold metallic paint. The water soluble paper cast has had the same treatment with gold paint gently rolled on. Some of the tissutex I have been spraying with recently (often as an under sheet to supposedly protect surfaces) had gold paint gently swept over it as well to clean the brush. That's actually for my Rust book which is taking back position at present.

It's good to see things coming together. My book seems to have pages all over the place so it needs binding down the middles as well. The one thing I hate about the Moonshadow Mists are the long names.
Wonderful wonderful rain here - just love it. We have had a leak though which shows how heavy the rainlets have been.


Debbi Baker said...

They are all lovely Dale - I love the top one especially - it is so dramatic! And some of that rain is probably (hopefully) heading this way.

Sandy said...

More wonderful experients. It inspires me-must dig out the Brusho paints. Sandy

Leanne Hurren said...

Love these samples Dale - your ink book must be getting huge. I especially like the top one - very striking.

Unknown said...

This looks so great! I love the contrasts in it and the colours are really yummy. Thanks for sharing

Hilary Metcalf said...

rainlets? I don't know what they are, but I love the name!!


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