Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Exciting Break Through

I had an exciting break through today. For ages and ages I have been trying to work out how to add the Victory threads to those colour charts in digitizing programmes. It has all seemed much too difficult - but today with the help of my Digitise-wise module, I conquered it and have managed to create my own Victory thread palette of 20 colours for starters. I am so pleased with myself for it means that when I am digitizing I can just select my own threads instead of fudging with other brands.

I have been doing a tiny bit on my ink book - I mixed polished pigments with gum arabic and then into the walnut ink mix. It just gives a special mica extra. I painted a page and wrote on it using the mix. No time to scan it tonight. This page below I have done a shiva rubbing and sprayed over the top with Moonshadow and walnut ink. The Shivas make a great resist. I also got a fabulous result by painting my Air New Zealand paper towel (the one which comes with the meal) with metallic gold and then spraying walnut ink over the top. The texture of the towel shows as well.

I was sorting some flower stitch foot samples for Christine as she is writing an article for a mag and I found this one. I needed a quick pic to see if this is what she wanted. There are flower stitches on flower stitches - I will take a few closeups when I have time next week - it's quite 3 dimensional and some have been burnt out with a soldering iron. Great foot and great fun.

It's still raining and stormy here. Last night walking back from Eva and Malachy's late at night (only a few blocks away) we nearly got blown away by the wind and we managed to get almost as wet as at Eden Park. And our little umbrellas struggled all the way. Incidentally, I am glad you liked my 'rainlets'. Hilary - it just popped out but I rather like it now. Last night they were very big rainlets.


Gina said...

Dale, the flower stitcher sample is amazing. I purchased a flower stitcher from Maggie Grey earlier this year on a fabulous weekend workshop with her but I've not really done much with it. You've really inspired me to have a play!

Moira Anne Dickson said...

Everyone has gone all "embellisher" crazy (I'm hoping to be one of them, soon!) and I'd forgotten all about the flower stitcher. I just love the results. Can't wait for the close up shots.

Dianne said...

Love your flower stitch piece Dale - I think I'd better get mine out and practice!!!

Doreen G said...

I think you have started something -mentioning the flower stitch foot Dale I haven't used mine for ages-must get it out again.

Marie said...

Wow that piece is so fab - love the rich texture and colour .... never heard of a flower stitcher tho!! :)


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