Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Some Days

You shouldn't really get out of bed - life would be more relaxing. We have been waiting for our Quilting Arts shipment which I expected last week when we returned from NZ but due to a problem (I won't call it a stuff up) it finally turned up at 5.30pm tonight. I have just spent my evening invoicing and writing labels and packaging 450 magazines so I warrant a glass of wine for sure. I am not sure when I will have time to actually look inside the cover. If you have been waiting for it to arrive it will be with you very soon.

Tomorrow will be hectic as we have to pack the van and set up for the show. A lot of work - perhaps I will stay in bed. It is still raining and expected to do so tomorrow. I am looking forward to meeting Beryl Taylor though so maybe I will get up in the morning after all.

There has been rather a response to my flower stitch piece. No time to photograph the detail but I thought I would share my star today instead. This is on an angelina base and was left over from a garment I made which featured in Quilting Arts 13 I think. No 3 D flowers but I had a lot of fun just whizzing around using all the various zig zags on my machine. It is probably the best fun foot I have in my stash.

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Maggie Grey said...

I love the flower stitcher foot. It works even better on the older machines and they tend to be the ones with no big patterns so they need it. There are some pieces that Val CH did in the K&S exhibition. She started us all on this foot and it resulted in a factory in the Far East working 24 hour shifts to satisfy demand. Kind of like chaos theory!


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