Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lazy Saturday

Beautiful day today so we both manged a good walk - I combined mine with the shopping as well. I am cooking tonight my favourite curry. We have been eating out quite a bit in the last few days for one reason of another. On Thursday we were flat out all day (all week in fact) so we went to GoGo's Curry House - always lovely. He has a divine eggplany curry. Indian food is one of my favourites and I like to cook it. I have spent quite a lot of time cutting and packaging fabric today. Apart from customers here and at the shows, none of our web customers (apart from Fiona) know that we have a decent variety of hand dyed fabrics in the 4 Opulent colours - silk habotai, organza, dupoini, tussah and felt, silk velvet, silk/rayon velvet, muslin, venise lace etc etc. I hope they hit the web soon. I also have some lovely silk ends which are interesting.

I have mixed up various strengths of walnut ink for my Ink book - so I have a good record for reference. Plus a bit of rust play. But lazy day - and lots to do tomorrow. It might rain which will be good for working indoors. Next weekend we have hired a skip so we can get stuck into clearing the garden. We have sort of been waiting for the units next door to make further progress. Only now is the driveway almost finished - still looks like a lot of work inside. We have moved the wooden palings from the front garden.

Some close up photos of my flower stitch foot - really still learning how to take pics but you should be able to see how it is attached to the shank on the Bernina. I have had lots of emails this week asking about the foot - I don't know how it fits or not fits some machines, You need to find out if your machine takes a low shank and then try it. The lever sits on top of the needle clamp. Sometimes when they are new they are stiff and a good oiling will sort them out.

Here is a close up - this is stitching the 3 way zigzag and if you look closely you can see the lever which you can move into different positions for wider and narrower flowers.

Last night we had a bbq here for the gang (Kazuko, Bruce and Jonathon) before we went to the rugby. It was not very exciting but we came back and burnt off most of the loose twigs around the garden - eucalyptus leaves always smell good - we have a couple of lemon ones.
I seem to have tagged by Marjorie - thanks very much and Debbi - I am glad I inspire someone, Debbi - I only ramble on with what I am doing. Having a blog is a good discipline for me and a good way for lots of my friends to know what we are up to. Bruce thinks we just sit around drinking coffee all day. That's because he knows the best times to arrive.
Tonight will be exciting - Ian has a video of the rugby game we watched in Auckland. That means we can see the rain again and the first half for the 3rd time and the second half for the 4th time. All in place of The Bill.....

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Penny said...

Hi Dale, I love my flower stitch foot and it fits best on my Pfaff Hobby. Which is the most basic machine but is lightweight, goes to classes with me and is great for free motion embroidery. My other older Pfaff 1475 cd hates to free motion and although I have taken it in several times never seems to do it for long and wont go. But it has lots of wonderful built in stitches that i like to use and the walking foot. I cant remember if I need an extended shank for both machines or not, I have one so maybe they do.


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