Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday simply rolls along, like Wednesday and others

This morning I went to a calligraphy class. I wasn't going to go because I hadn't gathered my equipment but Jaslyn didn't seem to see that as an excuse. I enjoyed it but boy, just turning to a new page and I slopped ink on it. It is going to be a slow learning curve especially for such an impatient person as myself. I have been wanting to start for ages as I want to use calligraphy in my work rather than commercial text. Practice improves rather than makes perfect for me in this case, not that I am as concerned about the perfection but rather the doing of it. Homework she said - ha ha.

I am also knitting an angle scarf in the evenings so while I haven't much to show as I am still sorting, counting, restocking tidying and managing to get the orders out (and Ian is busy busy too), I am still slowly working away.

And in case you have been worried that there hasn't been any rugby, there is a local 3rd division circuit on at our local park so that is tomorrow night's outing. Not long until the World Rugby Cup starts.....

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Debbi Baker said...

Hi Dale - Hope you don't mind but I have nominated your blog for an Inspiration Blogger Award. Everything about your blog inspires me!


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