Thursday, August 09, 2007


My photography skills are marginally improving - I only seem to have lost a few photos from my efforts today, This is from Beryl's Backgrounds workshop - it was very full and the space is not great but people were very accommodating. I left at lunchtime to get back to work but they seemed to be having a great time creating all sorts of wonderful backgrounds, There were a couple I really liked which I could have happily taken away with me. Here are Mandy and Lisa hard at work. Mandy had some wonderful manuscript pages she bought at the flea markets in ome and she gave me a couple. I shall keep them for something very special as I am working with words at present. At home tonight I have been stamping with words and playing around a bit.

Here is Beryl - she doesn't know I have been taking her photo. It is good practice for me!

Another photo of the class

Below are some of Beryl's sample backgrounds. It is always great to be able to see work in the flesh - you can only look at a book but seeing it for real is so much better. This is the fleur-de-lys book which features in Mixed Media Exploration.

Here are some background pages

and Beryl - sorry Beryl, I think I got you with your specs on....

Tomorrow is the last workshop - I won't miss driving to the venue every morning - I am not sure our car knows what it is like to drive for 30 minutes twice a day.

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Penny said...

Dale thank you for these photos. I am so envious of you actually being able to see and look at closely her work. i have been pouring through her book again, it is such fun but working on your own at times i find a bit uninspiring! which I am at the moment. Probably because i am tired and we have had gale force winds, and no rain for the last few days. i hate wind.


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