Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rag paper sketch books

Ages ago I bought myself a Khadi rag paper sketch book and then Maggie was using one in one of her articles in WOW - I have used it for my Ink book. Rag paper is lovely to work on - inks, sprays etc - as I work on my book, the pages come adrift but I am making little pretend signatures to join them all back together again. I am planning to take my Ink book to Textile Fibre Forum in Geelong (I will be there trading from Wed to Sat but Rae will be there the first few days) so if you are going to be there you can see what I have been up to.
That was info but here is the real thing. After waiting for ages and ages, my shipment of Khadi rag paper sketch books finally arrived today. I thought the ship had sunk. I don't usually bring things in by sea but 100 sketch books weighs a lot. They are $12 each and once they have gone I doubt if I will get any more. I may be sorely tempted to keep a few for myself.
Patti Culea called in this afternoon - she is over here teaching. I should have taken a pic of her as she very busily took one of us for her blog. It was lovely to see her.
Grant is sailing his 18ft skiff in San Francisco but I can't find any pictures on the website although he is coming 3rd at present.

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