Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Busy Week

The Painted Quilt arrived on Monday - what an inspiring book from the Kemshalls. It immediately sold out and there are lots of people waiting. Don't panic though - more will be here early next week. Well worth waiting for. When the next lot arrive I shall write my name inside one to make sure I get a copy.

Beryl Taylor's workshops are keeping me out of mischief this week. So far she has run two and tomorrow I will take my camera and see how my photography skills are, having failed over the weekend with taking lots of pics.
Beryl's website is now up and running for everyone who has been waiting. You can see all of her lovely work which we have been able to see in the flesh.

On the home front, I have not been very good in that lots of stuff is still not back in its home but we are up to date with orders. I have managed to find a moment to work a tiny bit on my Ink book and I also know I have a number of TASTs to catch up on but I will.

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Sarah said...

'The Painted Quilt' is a great book - very inspirational. The mum and daughter combo are also very inspiring and generous with their ideas / techniques. Their work is very detailed and you always seem to find something new each time you look at them.


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