Friday, August 24, 2007

This is one for mothers

While the rest of us are working, our children are invariably having fun. Grant is sailing in San Francisco in the 18ft Skiff Regatta and after a mega search I have found some photos so rather than waste a single one, here they are. Not in any particular order but as I found them.

Delonghi tonking along.Grant, Simon and Chris - must be concentrating hardNot such a good moment in a race.

Some good shots - apparently it was 25knots yesterday and everyone had a capsize. Oh the fun of sailing.

What were the rest of us doing today? Well I spent a lot of time in the car - not something I like to do. I prefer my supplies to arrive by post or carrier and to be greeted by a friendly chappie at the door. However local suppliers means I have to go and get my stuff to make sure I get it when I want it. I reckon that I came across every red light in Perth today and had near encounters with a lot of very bad drivers who were desperate to crash into me. Very quiet relaxing at home tonight. BUT - we did finish the newsletter (first one for a long time) and sent it out.

Tomorrow - what lies ahead? A skip bin was delivered today so we will be cleaning up parts of the garden which have been waiting patiently.

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Penny said...

Who ever took the photos did a great job. Oh to be in San Fransisco, one of my favorite cities.
Dale are you going to do any mini workshops on the web on your ink stuff for those of us who have a hard time getting to major craft fairs?


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