Monday, February 08, 2010

a little play on a Monday

We have been very busy today and there were loads of parcels delivered. Hadn't realised I had ordered so much stuff. A couple more Textile Tantrums - they are slowly but surely coming in. Some wonderful work which I am sure you will all love seeing.

Here is a better pic of yesterday's piece. I used the busy background for something else. My Stonehaven book is growing fatter. I am also drawing and thinging on paper to make a paper book before too long.

A change of colour - I have an Art to Wear piece to create before the end of March - this is a little sample - thinking Kimberley Dreaming.

Here is the first of probably 30 little segments

and here it is felted up - not sure how I will use them but watch this space. As usual my deadlines are short and my list is long. Today I sent things off to the Aust Creative Embroidery and Textile Art Magazine for a short article. Almost one down.

The new Cottage Garden threads arrived today - I think there are 36 new colours. Absolutely glorious. The one on the left looks like Warrandyte to me and the second has a touch of Indian Splendour. I shall look at their real names.

Down on the corner of our street is a house where the current dweller kicked his mother -in-law out - we have no idea where she has gone to but in her place he has 2 of those heavily irritating little dogs with high-pitched voices which bark incessantly all day. For months now. I think tomorrow is the day to phone the ranger before we all go mad or rather I go mad.


joanlil said...

We have one of those dogs over the back fence.It is fine on weekends - but come Monday and the yapping starts. I am also thinking of the ranger.
Books arrived today - thank you.

Heather said...

I love your 'segment' samples and the Cottage Garden Threads look irresistible. Bring back the mother-in-law! Maybe she knew how to keep the dogs quiet.

Julie said...

Ooh! I love the Cottage Garden threads too. Are they produced in Australia? Definitely get the ranger in, sounds like you've been very patient already.

pascale putz said...

Your goodies arrived well, thank you so much Dale. I think you've already been too patient with these dogs. I love the colors of the first felted segments.Here's the address of a French artist: Sylvie Ladame, you might like:

Penny said...

Problems with suburbia, having said that our old dog has taken to barking when he gets over the wall and now cant get back as he used to,
Has my tantrum arrived?

lisa_crofts said...

i have one of those yappy dogs i say call the ranger you have given them heaps of time:)

Ev said...

unfortunately the Ranger will probably tell you to talk to them (not the dogs but the owners) Not much they can/will do. I had a neighbours dog like that - she isn't so bad now. Love looking at your work and thinking I need to get my stuff out but without A/C it is too darn hot to be creative just now!


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