Saturday, February 06, 2010

got it wrong

Well the Force won but they certainly didn't play the Mooloos - that is in 3 weeks time when the real games are underway. They beat the Qld Reds very comfortably and our bbq was good as well. Plus it took 2 mins to walk to the ground and 2 minutes to walk home again.

Here is Hyde Park in the morning - a swan in the top picture and some other birds int he bottom one. it is such a lovely park to walk in. There are exercise stations everywhere - had sore legs after pedalling away on at one station.

Thanks for the comments about my background. It was some of my dry felt stitched and woven but I shall make a new less busy background for my leaves. Very soon. This morning is another marathon few hours in the warehouse cleaning up for our first ever warehouse sale on 27th and 28th Feb.

1 comment:

Jill R said...

You are lucky to have a park so close and nice to walk in. And for all of those in Perth who can come to your Warehouse Sale I am very envious. Sydney is just too far to come from unfortunately as I am sure that there will be lots of bargains.


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