Sunday, February 28, 2010

sunday morning reporting in

no piccies - I can't get my i-phone camera to work - and I am off to work.

Warehouse sale - thanks to all the wonderful people who came to support us yesterday in the very nasty heat. We hope you enjoy all the stuff you bought. We probably couldn't have chosen a worse day but most of us agreed that we are over summer......

Another day today and probably just as hot - we are sneaking offt o breakfast at Source first - our food supplies have run out for the moment.

Fabulous rugby yesterday - just got to Grant's in time to watch the Hurricanes complete a great win, saw the Blues beat the Reds and then we went to the oval to watch the Force vs Chiefs. Good game and the Force played their best game - so won't be long until they win a game.

Bruce is off on his cycling trip in Japan - have a great time Bruce and safe biking


Penny said...

Glad the rugby was good, still cant make head or tail of it but then we cant be good with all sports. Really wanted to be at the warehouse sale, but one day I will get to Perth, and probably you wont be there!
Very jealous of Bruce's cycle trip, love that area of Japan, when are you going for a visit?

Heather said...

Hope it will be cooler in Japan for Bruce's bike trip. You are longing for summer to be over, we are longing for winter to do the same. At least I don't live in Scotland - they are up to their knees in snow in some parts, and no power, poor things. Hope the weekend went well and you don't feel too limp after it! said...

I was wondering why you did not respond to a email I sent to the address on the newsletter. Now I know.


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