Wednesday, February 03, 2010

NZ flounder

It's February and I forgot my special month from Kazuko and Bruce. Sitting in the studio.

Last night we went to Koinonia and Anthony cooked us a beautiful fresh NZ flounder. Didn't have my i-phone to take a pic but it was wonderful. Always makes me homesick. I think NZ flounder is one of my favourites (although I did like that Dover Sole at Muswell Hill). When I was little we had flounder quite a lot. I don't think NZers ate much fish back then. If you had fish 'n chips it was shark and that was only for a special occasion if I recall. We had pipis which we got at the beach and toheroas but I wasn't mad on them. I don't recall eating much white fish. I think my mother always thought they looked rather old and tired(they probably were). I think people gave flounder to my father as we often had it. Yummy. My other special love was NZ whitebait. I used to bike to the beach with my net and stuff and I am pretty sure the blokes at the river mouth were especially kind to me 'cos I always came home with some. We had wonderful whitebait in NZ last trip and if you go to Lau's Family Kitchen in St Kilda they have the most glroious NZ whitebait dish. Anthony served it with a grapefruit, cucumber and chilly sauce.


Anonymous said...

yummy looking fish indeed

Doreen G said...

Mmmm Whitebait patties -delicious.
I didn't know that you could still get whitebait.

carole brungar said...

If you visit the pub(Heritage Hotel) at Haast, it's the first just over the long bridge, heading south down the coast, they make the meanest largest whitebait fritters I've ever had, They will stop you dead in your tracks and you'll never experience them like that ever again!!
:) carole

Heather said...

There is nothing better than really fresh fish. It's one of the joys of a seaside holiday and a treat after frozen fish or what the supermarket has to offer.

Virginia said...

Hi Dale,

We had a summer holiday (ha ha! the weather was pretty awful) doing the coast between Christchurch and Dunedin, and the highlight of the trip was a meal at Fleur's Place in Moeraki. Wonderful, amazing fish, and so fresh the fish almost jumped off the plates! We booked the whole trip around the night at Fleur's, as lots of friends had told us it was so fantastic. If you get a chance, do book a meal there, you would love it.


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