Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Textile Tantrums

No favouritism but I have 50 wonderful tantrums here so far and I know there are more on the way - this one belongs to one of the wonderful exhibitors but I shall keep the rest a secret for now. If you are panicking that yours will be late - don't worry. Not sure why I wrote those dates but in fact I don't need to panic until the very beginning of April. I am collating them about now and writing the info so each person has a page which will hang beside their beautiful work. So long as I have time to do that before 7th April all will be well. Why the 7th you ask - you will have to wait and see....

The downunder textile magazine did NOT arrive today so I am a bit miffed about where they are - tomorrow for sure. They will all be gone before they get here. I got an advance copy last week before we went to Sydney but I sold it today to someone who came especially for it. I will be interested to hear what people think of it - email me if you have any strong views. I do believe they are working on Issue 2. What did come today was the Art Quilting Studio - you can see it on our website - all the ones on order will go out tomorrow - there are about 4 extra other than the orders if anyone is chasing one. We won't be bringing in any more. It's a good magazine - this is the third issue - we still have a few of the second left and Ian has reduced the price a little to clear them.

Thanks to everyone who wrote asking about my leg - I am so lucky to have sciatica - ha ha - but I saw the quack today and he confirmed my self diagnosis and gave me some stuff and I am off back swimming tomorrow - he and I agreed that was better than anything else - believe me I have had lots of suggestions. Right now I am a bit slow with the walking. I get teased about standing at restaurants - last night James from Cantina 633 asked if I was busting to go to the toilet. No just standing to direct the traffic.....

Getting ready for our warehouse sale - it is going to be hot on the weekend but our warehouse is not too bad early in the morning if that helps. There is plenty of parking near 77 Bulwer Street.

When I got home I had 360 emails to deal with but have to say that the i-phone is the most wonderful thing - who would have thought I could be standing on on a ferry on the harbour waiting for a yacht race to start and reading and answering my emails? Amazing. Sure beats internet cafes and outrageous hotel connection charges.


Heather said...

Love the Tantrum - what a fun idea. Sciatica - ouch! that's painful - hope you are feeling more comfortable now. What a great place to answer emails - you don't believe in wasting a minute of your time.

Julie said...

Sorry to hear about your sciatica Dale. I've just had several trips to the osteopath for a strain in my spine and sitting was almost impossible so I can sympathise. Hope it clears up soon.

Linda Robertus said...

Hey, what a wonderful surprise to see a sneak peek of my Tantrum on your blog! ;-) I'm sure you won't mind if I borrow this pic for my own blog!
Hope yourback gets better soon - swimming is indeed a very good exercise.
Best wishes from Brisbane,


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