Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday Stuff

Went for my swim this morning which was lovely so pleased to be back in my swim routine. Only 2 lanes available though as the school swimming carnivales are on but I got in and out before them. Swimming is a great place to sort the day and more in your head while you swim up and down. I shall increase by 2 laps each day until I am back to where I was when I last went.

Very busy today because the Studios magazine finally arrived. Quite a good issue but I never know why, when we are the distributors, that ours take so long to get here. Anyway it is here, it is a good issue and our price is very good - anyone wanting it, there are a few left. We only bring in what we have pre-ordered for all of our mags and just a few more for the people who forget to order. We sent them all out tonight along with the Art Quilting Studio mag.

Sad to say despite the promises - the downunder Textiles did not arrive. Hang in there - we have been promised tomorrow.......

Also forgot to add the other day that while I couldn't watch, I did follow the Hurricanes on my i-phone and of course they won. Yeah! 2nd on the ladder.

I did get into my studio but mainly to turn the aircon on and do a little work for a magazine article with a coming up very soon deadline.


Heather said...

No wonder you are so fit and energetic Dale - swimming is the best exercise. Hope your mags. turn up soon.

ElizH said...

Hi Dale

Thanks for reminding me of how good swimming is! I have got out of the habit/routine but am having back problems again so think I will take a leaf out of your book and start again. Do let us know how you are getting on. How often do you swim, and how far? I agree that it is a great place to reflect upon the world as you plough up and down the laps!


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