Monday, February 15, 2010


Yes indeed the little shelter is about mouse-size but you have to admit it is colourful and no I am not going to make one 5ft high, Helen. Our weather is still nasty and sticky but I do believe the precious doctor has arrived with a breeze so we can relax outside for a while.

Here are a few pages from my new journal - I am playing with the sprays and stamping into them while they are wet and I really like this effect. I shall work onto these pages with pen and stitch but it my 2010 project.

I have gilded this kiwi - apart from difficulty getting the glue off (you must do it straight away) it worked really well.

This is the ficifolia (eucalyptus tree) out on our verge - it has beautiful coloured flowers - you don't always know what colours they might be but this one is lovely

and this is another eucalyptus in our front garden - it has lovely flowers and they burst out of little reddy coloured buds - you can see them on the tree - lots of people pick them up when they go by. The leaves on this tree are the ones I usually take to Ally Pally to give away. When there is moisture in the air they smell wonderful - so fresh and citrusy.

For everyone waiting for the Down Under Textile magazine - I thought they were being sent last week but it turns out they left today by Aussie post so they won't be here until Monday next week - we will post them as soon as they arrive - I have now got some coming for everyone who emailed and ordered and a few extra as well.


Heather said...

Your journal pages are great Dale - lovely textures and patterns. The eucalyptus blossoms are so pretty and I can almost feel the warmth in that second photo. I like the sound of that magazine.

Maggi said...

The journal pages look really good. Wish my eucalyptus flowered like that, guess it is the wrong kind.


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