Friday, February 26, 2010

hot hot hot and staying that way

yesterday it was 42 - today a little better and the weekend expected to be hot as well for our warehouse sale - we have been setting everything up but lots of work to do tonight before tomorrow morning. The heat makes one a little sluggish I do have to say.

The Textile magazine finally appeared today - actually the bx of them was not the box sent last Monday with Fastway - I would not recommend these people to carry anything of mine around Australia - this box Down Under had to express post to us last night. Fastway in Perth don't even answer their phone and the head office simply told us there were issues. I dreamt the man had died and the box of mags was buried with him. Anyway they are all on their way to their new homes now so hope you all enjoy reading. I have a few spares for the people who asked us to bring them to the warehouse sale tomorrow - don't forget - 77 Bulwer Street. We were going to take the tinfoil down from the windows but it keeps the building cool so don't panic if you see a building all silvered up.

Bruce and Kazuko sent me an early birthday present - thanks you two - very much appreciated. It is BORO - rags and tatters from the far north of Japan - a fabulous book especially for anyone interested in recycling and old rags and stitch.

and talking of silver - I have been working on my next on-line workshop 'Gilding the Lily' and playing with foils today and I made a wonderful discovery using thread. The sample is very hard to see and scan but very exciting - hand stitch stuff too.

Elizabeth - swimming is wonderful - I am going every week day before the school swimming stuff - only doing 10 laps so far - that's 500 metres. i hope to build back up to 20 laps. Just plodding along through the water until I feel happy enough and then increase my speed. Go for it - I had forgotten just how good it is.

Off to finish getting ready for tomorrow - see you there if you are in Perth......


Sandy said...

Happy early birthday from me, so I don't forget. Wish I could be there for the sale.

Heather said...

Good Luck with the warehouse sale - don't melt! Your early birthday present looks very interesting. Early Happy Birthday to you - mine is in 3 weeks. The foil sample looks good - I haven't had much luck with foiling - must try harder!

Aussie Jo said...

I did check the airfares to Perth!! but had to restrain myself, hope the sale goes well.
The texture in your sample looks great in close up.
I'm thinking now I have the thesis nearly under control I may have time to start a textile tantrum, when would be your latest date??
P.S. I love the little felted tent, it reminds me of the yurts at the Geelong Forum


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