Thursday, February 11, 2010

bubbles and stones and words

Having been inspired by Kathy Kerstetter's art jounal using the stencils (you can see her beautiful work on the website in the Stylish Spencils section), I have been playing around with the stencils some more - this is the cosmic bubbles which I have sprayed onto khadi paper and then turned the stencil over and pressed down for the residue to imprint the negative. I like the result of this one very much. I used starburst sprays black orchid silver as I do and of course my fingers were pretty grubby looking when I went out to dinner with Val and Jim last night.

Then I sprayed onto some Stonehaven silk noil - like the effect. The fabric is actually black in the middle but the sprays leave a lovely mica effect.

Thanks to Maggie, I had to buy the apps Type drawing for my i-phone - lots of fun - I could play with this whilst hanging around at airports and other dreary places!


ElizH said...

I bought the app that Maggie had too. It is very cool!

Heather said...

Love your stencilled samples Dale. I have just bought a similar one but haven't played with it yet. All REAL artist's go out to dinner with grubby fingers!

Sandy said...

My fingers are always interesting too-don't like gloves. They seem to get in the way of creating. The stencils are nice.


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