Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Chance 2007

2007 has come and almost gone - so fast - so much achieved and so much to be done.
Here are some more applique on net samples.This first one is similar to yesterday's but I have added some cord to the net.

This one has some Honesty from NZ minus the seeds thanks to Aust quarantine who helped me take them all out after one trip. I have been waiting to use some of the plants. It's very transparent. They look like eyes but really they should be seen as petals if I am to be true to my theme. Apart from this one and the first one on black net, all the other nets I have made in some way. I have a few more in the pipeline then I shall move onto playing with velvet. The one below is the last one for 2007 - the applique material is painted Gossamer Fuse on slightly distressed sinimay.

Today I went off to Dummies WA to borrow a black dummy for some photographing. It's a scream of a place but they are closing in a week. I don't think there is anyone else who makes them. When I take my dummy back I might be tempted to buy a couple more.

I think I have posted this quote before but I still think it is pertinent. A statement from Michael Harrison, inaugural recipient in 2004 of Creative NZ's craft and object art fellowship:

'Craft is where you take the parameters and work within them. Art is where the medium is stretched to breaking point and emotion is conjured up'

I wish you all the very best for 2008 - may you explore outside your comfort zones and grow in your originality.

Ian and I are planning a quiet New Year's Eve, eating prawns and scallops and drinking champagne and watching Gormenghast. My new year's resolution is to produce a newsletter at the beginning of each month so if you are on our newsletter list (you can sign up on the website), watch for tomorrow's!


Doreen G said...

Happy New year Guys and lets hope your creative juices never dry up.

Maggie Grey said...

Loved the quote. How true. Have a great New Year with an acceptable life-work balance - just like we won't.

Maggie Grey said...

What I meant to say was....just like we won't either!

Anonymous said...

happy new year and I here's to a great 2008,

Penny said...

Happy New Year Dale and Ian, and I look forward to all your new creations in 2008!

Stitch 'n Dye said...


thanks for the quote - never quite thought of it like that. Very Happy 2008 to both you and Ian.

I also love your net samples - they're ethereal and lovely.

Sue x


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