Thursday, December 27, 2007

slowly getting back to normal?

Well, it wasn't the hottest days since 1915, it was the hottest days on record. Today is much better although putting the air con on early means it's okay indoors, but the sea breeze (aka the Fremantle Doctor) has arrived this afternoon so hopefully the hot weather is moving off to the Eastern States.

Our new Sonos system is keeping us both very busy indeed. I have loaded 6000 songs (tunes) into I-tunes and then onto the system. We can queue up music and over-ride each other's choices until the bridge for the studio arrives and then we can choose our own lists. So we are listening to tracks we haven't heard for ages and have loaded in all these interesting radio stations like UK Classic FM, Martha's Vineyard Radio and Radio Montreal. Keeping us both heavily out of mischief.

Yesterday the boys came over and hoovered through the fridge leaving us the left over roast vegetables only. Kazuko came after work and finished off what was left.

I have started working on velvet on black net for HH - playing with my lace designs. The heat and Christmas sort of slow you down but hopefully we'll be back on track soon. Not to mention all the time spent loading cds onto the poor computer which has been working overtime.

We went to visit Max and Nelsa when we were in NZ - in Reefton - Nelsa is in hospital until tomorrow so fingers crossed that all is well and hope that Max has been behaving himself while she is away. It was lovely to see them both. You need to catch up with people.

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