Monday, December 17, 2007

this and that

A customer asked me today how the flower stitch foot fitted the Designer SE so I fitted it to show her and then later on I thought I would have a play. Well, of course, all these extra stitches can come into play. This sample is of some of the decorative stitches I played with at various widths. The world is your oyster.... and your imagination as to how you utitlise them.

Grant arrived back today and we had a pleasant evening - bbq in between the rain. Is it unseasonable or does it happen most years at this time? Bruce and Kazuko tell me it has been raining down in Walpole but when we went camping down there in about 1979 it was freezing and wet.


Anonymous said...

Dale - please tell me, can I use the flower stitcher on my Husqvarna Designer II?!
Without an adapter, that is.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dale,
Here's another question! Curious to know when your article on the Flower Stitcher is to be published and in which mag?
BTW I bought some of your threads at the K&S (or was it Birmingham - seems so long ago). They are wonderful - haven't a single shred or breakage with them!


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