Saturday, December 22, 2007


This is Okarito on the West Coast of NZ, South Island. The home of the White Herons not that we saw them but it is a sanctuary and other birds are protected there. Just a little place but it would be a great place to chill out for a few days.
I like the West Coast beaches - not all bright blue and welcoming for swimming and sunbathing like the Aus ones but what I grew up with - mine is in the North Island and was often grey but somewhere we enjoyed going to very much.

On the other side (it's an inlet) Ian got chatting to a guy coming in in his boat and he suggested the best time to visit was in the winter when the snow is on the Southern Alps - all wrapped up and with plenty of books to read.
We have actually done a little Christmas shopping today. Progress......
I have been playing around with my header - Blogger must have changed the formula as i lost half of it so I wasted several hours getting sorted. I have now got a different one on each blog - sort of keeps you busy.


Helen said...

that beach is one of my favourite places in this big wide world. It's so wild, probably hasn't changed much in hundreds of years. Merry Christmas, love your tree card.

Penny said...

You dont seem to have a header Dale. Must say the west coast of the South Island in winter is magic, snow on the alps, cold and very wild looking.
Hope to get back one day. Merry Christmas from Kangaroo Island.

Ali Honey said...

Ahhh, West Coast beaches iron sands, beach combing......I remember.

Season's Greetings Dale!


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