Thursday, December 13, 2007


I have caught up with all the orders and I think we should have them all posted out tomorrow and more specials are appearing on the web each time Ian spots a space in time.

I have finally made a decent start on my HH (Historical Heirlooms) course. I am focusing on the Elizabethan period and in particular collars and cuffs - the lace. If you visit Anna's site - Serendipity - you will be able to see some of her wonderful samples. It's a shame I can't go for real but I shall plod on on my own. I have decided to stitch on calico (this is real recycled stuff - from 12 years of being on tables at the shows and I decided I could easily rest one tablecloth). They are certainly well handled and grubby and some have foodstains/blood/things people spill etc. Highly appropriate. I am stitching with Vanilla Beans rayon because I want to stitch with colours close to the lace but worn and aged. This is my first sample and I won't be distressing it further - I need to keep a first one I reckon - for reference.
This next one which doesn't show so well, I have distressed as much as I can using the embllisher. It's off for the coffee or tea next.

One I have buried in the garden near Luigi's grape vine for a few days or so.
I picked up the video of Gormenghast last night from Planet Video but didn't get to watch as we went to Bruce and Kazuko's for a bbq and to watch the Barbarians play the Springbox. I think that all games should be like this - full of professionals enjoying themselves - rather than country angst - Nonu played the best I have seen him.
The squatters in Grant's house have been an unwelcome extra to this week. Hopefully they will soon (or even now) be gone - Grant starts work next week after he gets back.

I have even had time to do a heap of packaging so definitely on track again. I made up all of these embellisher bundles - you can also see them on my embellisher blog. They were very popular in London and I have only just got another pile in. The embellisher loves them - very fine and you can layer the colours and work back through.

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Maggie Grey said...

You'll love this course. So much choice and the research bit is great. Anna's stuff looks good, too. We can all keep up with you both as you do the coursework. Ain't blogging wonderful?


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