Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday - some rain and sunshine

I have finally set the christmas tree up in the studio after it fell over about 5 times in the lounge and the branches fell off etc. Ian says some of the decorations I bought last year are too heavy. It didn't fall over last year! Just need to find a cord so the lights can sparkle. Kazuko will be happy when she gets back as she will be able to put her presents underneath it. I am afraid we still have to buy ours. I went into town this afternoon but there were too many people so my progress was very slow indeed.

My computer has finally come home from hospital with a new battery so some of its problems are solved. Still waiting for the ram - it must be many months since we asked about it but apparently they sent the wrong sort. I got a new cordless mouse and I downloaded the latest Generation update but it won't print yet - I have missed my dear litle computer. Grant has got himself a blackberry......

Margo Duke's book on the embellisher arrived today. It's a nice book - a few new suggestions from Margo and some interesting projects. Some interesting things to use silk rods for. It should be on the web soon but we do have a fair few for sale for anyone interested. Still time for Express Post to wind its way to you - in fact Express Post on Friday will get to most parts of Australia in time for Monday which is about when I will probably be doing my christmas shopping...

Barbara - you asked if the flower stitch foot would fit the Designer 11 -I asked David at Husqvarna and he said if it fits my SE it will fit it. You need to unscrew the little thing on your shank - mine is white but yours may be black, and the foot fits on. It doesn't like the Orchidea and wouldn't work properly but I think the SE is a lot more stable. There were a few things which annoyed me about the Orchidea although it sews beautifully. I have mine here for sale if anyone is interested. I know I won't use it - how many machines can one use?

Also you asked about the article. It will be in the Australian Machine Embroidery and Textile Art magaine (those last 2 words are a bit of a joke) due out in January. I have a copy of the article here somewhere which Yvonne sent me to check. You would have bought threads at Ally Pally - I am so pleased you are enjoying using them.

Grant has been busy blocking up the front of his house to make sure the squatters don't come back. Work is starting on the back - the burnt out bits coming down and a pad going in. I might go for a walk that way tomorrow and see how things look

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