Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday musings

I am having fun with my HH stuff today - the weather is not so hot - there's a cyclone up north and we are having some refreshing wind.

Here is an applique on net sample - flowers again

and another - I will leave you to guess what they might be.
The slip on the top might look part of it but it is organza appliqued onto the 'net'

My next applique on net sample - lacey Japanese paper applique my machine did not like - off to experiment some more.

and since you all enjoyed our wedding photo, I have moved on into the early 70s - obviously I had a thing about flowers then too as I can see one on my top.

Ian is busy playing with our new toy - the Sonos system- and we have our water filter all fitted.
Tomorrow is the last day of the year - just where did it go?

1 comment:

Aussie Jo said...

I don't think I want to re-visit the seventies!!!
I love your netting with organza applique, fantastic colour!! Is it hand-dyed? And what sort of netting/ has it had a shot of the heat gun?


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