Friday, December 28, 2007

It's Friday

It got to Friday very quickly but things like Christmas and holidays always causes confusion. The weather has improved for the moment. Had a huge order in from valdani threads including this dear little boxed set of 60wt hand dyed cotton thread on cute spools. It's the first time I have ordered any 60wt - I thought I would test the waters and Ian decided to add it to the specials. I got a few other boxed sets in 35 wt and in the pearls as well.

I have been doing some preparation for my 2 day Embellisher class in Melbourne at the Embroiderers' Guild Summer School in January - playing on some lovely bright scrim and cutting and weaving - it is waiting for machine wrapped cords to feed through probably with some flower stitch thingies as well.

On top I have laid my first HH sample of net applique - seem to have found these flowers again. Heaven forbid.

Tonight we are having Raan - Indian leg of lamb - sounds silly after lamb at Christmas but the butcher for some unknown reason, gave us 2 legs of lamb with bone when I ordered 1 boned and stuffed leg of lamb so I thought I have better marinade it - rubbed spices all over and coated it with yoghurt, nuts and saffron and drizzled honey over the top. The hoover machines are coming around tonight to help us eat it.

What have we listened to today? BBC Classic FM, Radio Montreal and Radio IO Classics and Tom Waits.

Off to cook the pappadums

Oh and Nelsa is home from hospital and has a low white cell count which is really good. She'll be able to start her chemo soon.

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