Thursday, December 20, 2007

Playways Work

It's always lovely opening up the Playways parcels when these clever people send in their work. And then wait patiently for me to look through and for Ian to pop some on the web in the special student pages on our website. I thought I would share some with you today. I haven't asked them if they approve but I am sure they will. We have quite a backlog of modules here which we now have time to wade through. This piece belongs to Gill Gavshon and it was inspired by a photo from Morrocco - how did she know I would fall for it? Gill was looking at analogous colours and I got quite excited but I haven't time to go back to Morrocco just yet....(that is to my work emanating from)

No 2 is from Norma McPherson - just a lovely piece of layers and stitch in great colours

No 3 is from Carmel Leitmanis - glass plate printing which is such fun to do.
I hope they all enjoy starting Module 2 (after Christmas and the New Year starts though...)
Tomorrow I will post some Module 2 work.
We are still sending out orders - last drop for Express Post tomorrow night to be delivered on Monday probably before I have my Christmas shopping finished. I must say that a parcel of books was sent from UK to us here on Tuesday and it arrived this afternoon - now that IS service.
Finally there is a Neoworx Flag quiz for you to do - scroll down below the visitors thingy.

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Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Could spend hours playing with the flags.... got them all correct too! Have a lovely warm day... its freesing fog here in England.... so white, cold dull. Oh for some sunshine!
Best wishes


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