Saturday, September 15, 2007

words and play and listen and hear

Here is the piece from the other day - I have cut it and woven it and stitched it onto a background of felt (remember a lot of strong walnut ink went for a spill) - the scanner has cut off the hanging sides but I have stamped RUST in places and also on lightweight Lutradur, stitched and added some extras such as Gossamer Fuse and chiffon scarf and Treasure Gold and then used my heat gun. You might be able to see the stitched and zapped letters at the bottom. Actually if you click on it you can see what it really is like. Haven't done anything with the Tissutex yet.

Doreen sent me some wonderful lime green flowers in exchange for the orange ones I have - thanks mate! One of my favourite colours.
Last night we went to the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra - they don't tour very often. The guest was Hiro Kurosaki - what a wonderful violinist. Plus he talked about the music. I gather he usually does. He was telling us that all music has a story not just the pieces with words. I wish he could have come and talked to my students when I was teaching high shcool music - would have helped to reinforce what I used to tell them.

We watched the rugby between the Springbox and England this morning - the English got whitewashed. Tonight the ABs play Portugal and the Wallabies Wales - that will be interesting.


Debbi Baker said...

Dale the woven piece is incredible - the close-up really showed the detail and the words are very clear in a rusty sort of way!

Di said...

How embarassing was that result!!! Surely we can only get better (who am I trying to kid!!!)


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