Thursday, September 06, 2007

Balingup Pics - lots

Here are some of the pics from our little sojourn to the south west. A parrot - I thought it was a 28 but on looking in the very comprehensive bird book and seeing so many types of parrots I am now not sure. Anyway they came to eat regularly on our balcony.
A blackboy - lots of them around

some flowers - like the colour - it is springtime here.

Relaxing on the balcony - and looking at the view

We went for a walk up to the 50acres of wildlife sanctuary and here I am walking down again. Steep up and down.

A view of Tathra from below

The balcony outside our little boudoir

Ours is the far right on the building

Hello from some kangaroos - there were loads and they stop and stare at you - very laid back.

And a kangaroo with joey

Saw this wonderful rusty car at Donnelly River Winery

and a Eucalyptus tree outside our room
with detail.

Beautiful day in Perth today - off to get some stitching and stuff done.
The ACO concert was brilliant last night - the guest was Charles Lindberg trombonist.


Jocelyn in NZ said...

Ooohh - a blackboy! It's years since I saw any of those, but of course the surrounding countryside was very different to your photos, as I was living in the Pilbara at the time. Not quite so many green things in sight LOL. But a what a gorgeous place you stayed at. How fantastic!

BTW - 55.5 hours, as I write, till kick-off.

Jocelyn in NZ

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Did you do some rust dyeing from the car..... what a find! Will have to go and google "blackboy" -have not got a clue what it is despite the picture. Kangeroos --brilliant pictures. Thanks Dale.
Best wishes

Doreen G said...

Great pictures Dale but I think the rusted car is fantastic

Shirley Goodwin said...

Great photos, Dale!

Sarah Nopp said...

Very beautiful pictures. It sounds like a gorgeous place to take a break.

Rowan said...

Hi Dale,
nice to see you escaped down South! I actually grew up on Donnelly River Wines - my family planted the vineyard and started the winery. Is that picture taken on Donelly River near Vasse Highway?? It just doesn't look like anywhere that I can think of. Is it near the cellar sales??
Hope you are feeling weel rested now :)


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