Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday stuff

Well the rugby started well for the All Blacks with a good win over Italy - it pays to show respect for the haka. Next week they play Portugal - bit silly really. They should have 2 tiers or something. I wouldn't be happy being a minion and being thrashed by the top teams. Aust did that to Japan and I must say I nearly fell asleep but then we had watched 3 games.

Beautiful day in Perth today - Ian is digging dirt and carting it into the skip and I have been further playing with Lutradur. I love the fact that it is translucent and this little piece has been printed on, burnt with my soldering iron and the flowers I applied with the soldering iron. I am making a book with yesterday's pieces - be back with that later. I have also put together an intro kit with ideas and instructions for $6.50 which Ian will add to the web pretty soon. I found that when I burnt out the holes yesterday they are brilliant to stitch over - you don't need a hoop or any stabilizer. I don't see this stuff as a backing of any sort but as a fantastic fabric all on its one. Just great for journals and 3D things.

Back to work - I think it is my turn to help with the shovelling. Bruce and Kazuko bought themselves a massage chair which we all had a go in last night. Very nice indeed. The tandoori lamb chops were a great success. I had to hunt out my pestle and mortar to work the marinade. A recipe to add to my stash.

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