Thursday, September 20, 2007

a just pottering along day

I got to Calligraphy just in time to do half a row of letters but I have been practising during the week this time so I surely can count that in as well. I will miss the last week of the term next week as I will be in Geelong but I am determined to practise until the next term starts in November. I don't expect to get very good but I do have some plans for what I might do.

As part of my Flower series (which is part of my Kimberley Dreaming series) I found a wonderful wooden printing block (some of you may remember I went out to do some food shopping and came home with a pile of blocks instead) with flowers so I used water soluble paper to make a casting and painted it up with the koh-i-noors again and rubbed the tops of the petals with moonshadow powders (yes they have wonderful 2 tone mica powders as well - I thought I would test them out before ordering them and they are great) and stitched a bit. I am stashing up various bits and pieces related to the different themes I am working on. Not very good at working on one thing - I guess it is because the brain hops around too much.

I have also begun a sketchbook inspired by a bottle of red - it's not ready for showing yet. I found some wonderful napkins a while back and have been waiting to use them.
Tonight I am cooking a lamb tagine with coucous - preparing for our visit to Marrakech which is not too far away. Because of this we will miss the play we are supposed to go to tonight but maybe we will just vegetate instead.
Thanks to all of you who write comments - I do appreciate it. Glad you like the Paris Breakfast link - it's wonderful isn't it?

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Danielle said...

Such beautiful colours - really lovely. (I hope your lamb was delicious!)


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