Saturday, September 08, 2007

Lutradur experiments

I have painted 3 diferent weights of Lutradur with Dye-na-flow and attacked each with my heat gun. Top one is the 30gsm - the thin one and I have also ironed on some Gossamer Fuse and gold foil. You can see how lovely and lacey it becomes and will be good for layers. This is the 70gsm weight with the same treatment. You don't have to make holes in it of course and you can use your soldering iron to burn the edges. This is a good weight for journal pages.

This is the 100gsm - the heavyweight Lutradur. It is a little like pelmet vilene but in Australia - not as expensive. It would be great for boxes and structures and I like the texture and feel much more than Timtex which I don't use.
Because I am working on a theme of Words I have also stamped words all over the surface before I applied the heat gun. I will print on some tomorrow as well. But what I want to do next is to layer it up and stitch on it. Lutradur has many uses. Transfer paints will work very well but I wanted to use Dye-na-flow this round. I sprayed the surfaces with water before I painted so the paints would be thin and move around easily. Because people have been emailing and asking me, I am putting a Lutradur Intro pack together with a set of notes so you can try all three and compare them. Should be ready next week.
Wow - I mentioned Hot Textiles yesterday and I have had to order another round as I have had so many preorders. It is going to be a great book I think for all of we who like to experiment.
We got up early and watched the repeat of the first game of the rugby. France lost to Argentina which was a bit of an upset. We have been shovelling away at the dirt and filling the skip up and getting ready for our exciting evening of rugby. I have prepared Tandoori llamb cutlets as my contribution for the bbq.
Finally many thanks to my Miss Marples and Inspector Pierrots out there who are working on my behalf. I am eternally grateful to you all!

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