Tuesday, September 25, 2007

quick round up

You stay up late to watch these rugby games but the ABs vs Scotland was not a good game to watch. The score looks okay (40-0) and they spent nearly all of the game in Scotland's quarter or closer but there were lots of errors and 2 mega complaints from the sofa watchers. The costumes of both teams were so similar it was hard to tell them apart - stupid since one team has navy blue and the other all black. Just as well we know our players. The other grizzle is the photography - you can't see half of the game - we need to be sitting with binoculars really. Action is shown as thought it's a mile away and close ups happen after the event. I shall appreciate more and more the southern hemisphere filming from now on. This is Doug - he had a great game and made the record for tries, beating Christian Cullen's. I think the problem is that every NZer is worried for the end result. This Sat is against another minnow - Romania. Then we start to get to the business end of things. I have to add that the Aussie in our little gang fell asleep during the AB/Scotland game and we let him snore away....

We are having storms and rain here - Ian is waiting to oil the decking but not this week. And it is pretty cold. The wash for the front fence has been ordered so we can paint it before the iron railing men come before we go to UK. I am packing and stuff for Geelong as I go early tomorrow morning. If you are coming to Geelong I will be there from Wed night to Sat lunchtime. Trading in a new place so don't go looking upstairs. Over where the masseurs were last year. Ian is not going so contrary to what some people think, he will be flat out here. We have a little drama - again - with one of our shipments but I won't say what this time. All too frustrating sometimes.

Jacinta is taking me an embellisher to Geelong so I can play and work on getting my sample book together. And I shall have my ink book with me as well. By the way - that grape is still soaring as we watch - obviously it's happy with the rain and one of the others is on the move as well.

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Arty Lady's blog said...

Geelong is so close to me but unfortunately I can't go to the forum I will be away. However I will be back on Sunday to see the best rugby team win the Grand Final - MELBOURNE STORM.



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