Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tuesday report

Doreen - the threads I used for my samples were the 4 strand cotton which is our own one. It wasn't what I was planning to use - I had planned to take the Valdani perles but of course I forgot and these were for a diferent project I started in Wales which I thought I might finish or further advance on. I did the latter.

But I did finish my 3 knitted scarves and make the pom-poms for each end. One for Kazuko, one for Bev and one for me. They were fun to knit - on the diagonal.

I will have some pics to show of the area we went to, later on, but we had a lovely relaxing time which is the idea. We saw a blue wren one morning but didn't have the camera so this was a card I bought to send to my mother. Naturally the male has the wonderful full on colour - it's almost lapis lazuli.
We also saw lots of kangaroos on the farm where we stayed and Ian got himself cornered by some very friendly heifers. We had a great view and at sunset sat out on the balcony with our red wine watching the white rabbits and multiple bird life.
Back to business - Ian does his sums at the end of the month and even he has been impressed with our 3 big whizz out the door this last month - the khadi sketch books (I am in the process of negotiating my next shipment) and the 2 books - The Painted Quilt and Visual Language. I have discovered that the khadi book pages are also great for stitching on - that's a big plus.
Seems Lutradur is still a big buzz - it features in Workshop on the Web as well as Cloth Paper Scissors. I am enjoying having fun with all three diferent weights and also with Evolon which feels like a suede to touch.
Do go visit our website and click on the smiley man on the front page - a new season has begun and these are our famous bottle brushes.


Doreen G said...

Love the pompoms on the scarves Dale.

Doreen G said...

Me again-I just looked at the bottle brush photo---I have one like that outside my front door.

Ali Honey said...

Your diagonal scarfs look lovely. I am sure slightly shorter ones would be popular with kids.

Rugby SOON!


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