Friday, September 21, 2007

Luigi's grape vine

Luigi grows lots of fruit and stuff in his garden but especially lots of grape vines. He makes his own wine and we have shared many with him - from good to garden variety. This year he gave us 4 cuttings and this one is racing away - you can almost see it growing as you watch. We weren't going to have a garden in this area but the grapes chose otherwise. Hopefully it will stay alive and we won't be in trouble with Luigi. And we will pick lots of grapes but not make wine.

I have planted some pansies to keep the vine company.
Seem to have lots of parcels in this week - big shipment from India with all the yummy sari stuff and another today with lots of goodies including 6 different flower (yes flower) sequins. Ian helped the delivery guy lift it all off and one box weighed 80 kilos, can you believe? I found it hard enough lifting the inside boxes out. I got a selection of 10 different colours of glass beads just for an extra. They have metallic inside. But I am especially pleased with the sequins.
Beautiful day in Perth today - too hot for socks and shoes. Will have to find my sandals.
I am writing an article on the flower stitch foot so am doing some more samples. Might make a book to keep all the samples in.

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