Thursday, September 13, 2007

bit of playing

This morning I went to calligraphy and I think my letters are slowly improving. It seems to me that I will have to practise forever and never be much good. At least I didn't make any nasty splotches this time. It all looks so lovely apart from mine.

I have been layering up felt, scrim, lutradur having painted it all with walnut ink. I thought the felt was kunin but of course it was not so it didn't distort much when I heat gunned it. I am going to cut and weave it and then print text over it. Click on it and you can the detail.

Last night I had a distaster in that I spilt a full jar of a strong walnut ink mix and a near full Ethereal Emerald Moonshadow ink - all over the floor and on things and everywhere. I mopped a lot up with tissue and then Tissutex. I know why I love Tissutex - it is fibrous and it is strong. The scan doesn't show as well as it might but the mica and colour has come up so well. I will decide tomorrow what I will do with all of this. Because I was busy cleaning the floor I missed the Chaser but I got to see it on line this afternoon. What a waste of money all that security was when they didn't even manage to check a hoax.

This morning I carried on my disasters by spilling a tub of blueberry yoghurt all over the kitchen floor, It looked a bit like projectile vomit and spread everywhere.

I shall try harder tomorrow but we are just off to Spaghi for now for a lovely Italien meal.


Penny said...

What fun Dale, all this spilling and mopping. I must be mad doing little bags but I am having so much fun doing fme, have always been a bit scared of it before and now woo I am away. trouble is it is hard not to make them "pretty" and I dont quite want pretty. Not enough hours in the day.

Leanne Hurren said...

I always forget how much I love walnut ink until I see others using it!! These look lovely - especially that scrummy piece of tissuetex - yum.
Received my order today - that was super speedy!! You can use water soluble paper in moulds can't you? I read the suggested materials for use and realised I don't own any of them so hoping can use the paper!! Love the khadi books - hope you don't stop selling them

Debbi Baker said...

The tissuetex piece is amazing - well actually they both are but I love the crumpled, textured rich colour of the tissuetex!

Doreen G said...

I bet no matter how hard you tried you could never make another piece of tissuetex the same colour again.


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