Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Book, Rain, fence railings, skip filled

The parcel postie came really early this morning and in with the parcels was this copy of - I think - Val Campbell-Harding's first book. Written in 1977 and nearly all black and white. Chapters include Sources of Ideas, Threads, Stitches, Fabrics, Raised Effects, Adding Objects. I am sure it will be a great source of inspiration and I am really thrilled to have found it. Sort of completes my collection - I think! Flicking through I can already glean a few new takes on things. Val was so innovative and so much of the stuff appearing around the traps hasn't a hope of reaching her heights.

It is raining this morning so this is the time of the year for contrasts - enjoy it before it is all hot hot hot and mono-weather. An appropriate man came to measure up for a quote for the iron railings on the wall spaces in the front of the house, and the skip is all filled but we can see we need a couple more. We have a lovely clear area ready for good soil and planting. I planted some big pansies on the weekend to keep the grapes company (they seem to still be alive) and am off to get some more. Plus a heap of pots to fill up.

In the studio I have been painting up Tissutex and Lutradur for my Text Book. This is for the first section of my next book. We are also publishing a Playways on the Net book - early next year - featuring some of the wonderful work of students enrolled in the course so we are always busy. I do believe that this month's promotion and specials will be up today. With us it is always a wonder and a surprise to find out when! At least we try to do really good monthly specials.

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Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Its a great book Dale, and has been a source of inspiration to me for a number of years. It also shows Val's love of photography. Libraries probably still have some copies of the book. Best wishes



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