Tuesday, April 13, 2010

we are back

We got back last night - that was a fast holiday but ever so lovely for relaxing and restoration. Thanks for all the wonderful birthday messages - I had a lovely day - breakfast and swim in Bali and dinner at Cantina and a flight home with Virgin no dramas.

it's easy when you go to the same place - they are lovely people and it is quiet and we basically do nothing. The weather is okay in Ubud - hot but cooler than down in Sanur or Kuta. We swim or rather gently waft, in our little pool and every afternoon we had plenty of rain as you can see from the photo. Our plane was late leaving and we didn't get there until 3am! The staff, of course, were waiting patiently. We get the same deal each time - 4 nights for the price of 3, breakfast included, a lovely lunch one day and a candlelight romantic dinner - ho ho. The first year we also had a walk in the forest but we have done that now.

This is our breakfast one morning - banana crepes and fresh tangerine and orange juice and Bali coffee. The chef is pretty good indeed and you get plenty (more than) of attention because there is no-one else there.

Having the i-phone is wonderful because I could quickly check both the emails and the rugby (dreadful results really although the Force would be thrilled with their win in Queenstown)
and here I have taken a photo of my Icy Violet toenails before I jumped in the pool again which amazingly are still intact. tHis colour is a bit like the Moonglow Mica Powders which arrived just before we left. Another part of our deal is a 2 hour spa which we have successfully avoided each time - usually I have reflexology but this year because I am having myotherapy I thought I would have a pedicure which included many layers of varnish and Ian had reflexology (he is still not sure what it does).

Did I get lots of things done? Well I read 2 books both of which I left behind in their library but they were murder mystery ones and half of Bill Bryson's 'Shakespeare' and half of Janet Frame's short stories - 'Prizes'; I got Gilding the Lily totally sorted ahd ready to roll; started on the next Holey Moley lesson; made a lot of notes for Hot Needles Cool Stitches; got the next Product of the month sorted; and nearly finished the article for WOW. My Art to Wear - absoluetly nothing so looks like I am going to be busy back home.

Post some more pics tomorrow but back to work - we just had 10 ladies from the country visit at once......


Singer said...

Sounds like a wonderful place to relax. Love the "Icy Violets".


Doreen G said...

Ah I just love Bali and have had many a wonderful holiday there -especially in Ubud.

Heather said...

Very glam toenails. Sounds a wonderful place to stay but I thought you said you did nothing - it seems you were almost as busy as you are at home. Never mind, a change is as good as a rest, so the saying goes.

Maggi said...

Glad that you had a good time. The water pic would make a wonderful piece, with purple embellishment of course.


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