Wednesday, April 07, 2010

lotsa parcels

This is a chocolate fish and a buzz bar sitting on our bench with Ian's hand ready to grab - just for you Hilary. Childhood memories. Plus they are always on the counter at Fresh Provisions - I think they call that point of sale in the trade - or some sucker will not be able to resist us.

Well we haven't quite made it through the orders but at least I can see my way clear to Ian's desk. Lots of parcels have arrived this week so far - today were all the new Distress inkpads including a Rust and a pumice stone. Sadly they have to all go back for replacement (apart from the 2 I whipped out for myself) because the UTEE burst its bag and spread throughout the whole box. I know how annoying this is when something we send bursts open. I started cleaning each pad with a fine brush but even the one I took for myself had UTEE right into the pad so they are coming to collect and swap tomorrow or so.

Then we had a lovely heavy parcel full of 7 new Karantha stamps/moulding mats. These ones are titled Fat Sparrows. They are wonderful for rubbings, stamping and paper casting. Maybe I need to fit some sparrows into my work somewhere. Soon these things will get to the web but Ian's little pile of new goodies is a wee bit high right now - we had some lovely new Stuff arrive as well - restock and newbies - I wound them all during the rugby over Easter. And of course he has all the little Smooch spritzes staring at him as well.

I have noticed on the 1000 blog posting that there are 47 messages - 3 more before 9am Perth time and I will have 5 parcels of 10 goodies to give away to those people whose names are drawn out of one of Bruce's hats.

I did NOT getting any flowers stitched today. But I did do one of the pages for Carla's Drawing a day workshop done. Lots of fun it is. She has a super sense of humour.


Gina said...

Love those fat sparrows!

Thimble Fingers said...

Must learn how to do the paper casting on those fat sparrows ... the look really funky and fun. Will look out for them on the website.

Heather said...

Love the fat sparrows - what a waste of great stuff having the UTEE burst into the Distress pads. I love the new colours that have just come out.


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